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What Regular Maintenance Should the Car Do?

The specific items and duration of regular maintenance, and the different regulations of various vehicles, are subject to the regulations in the vehicle instruction manual. Regular maintenance should generally be carried out at an auto repair shop, or you can do it yourself at home. So what can I use to wash my car at home? What regular maintenance should the car do?

1. Wash your car with car cleaner

Not the cleaning of the surface of the car, but more details like cleaning and changing the air filter of the engine, checking the handle of the rotating machine, cleaning the sediment inside, etc. What can I use to wash my car at home? Use 7CF® car detailing products wholesale, which has a silicone-based coating, polish, stain removal, antistatic, water repellent, and protection. Car detailing interior cleaners can restore shine, update faded dashboards, leather, tires, and bumpers to like-new condition and provide a long-lasting shine.

2. Replace auto-antifreeze

Due to the high temperature in summer, the water tank can easily boil over. In winter, especially in northern regions, due to the sudden drop in temperature, the coolant used by car owners does not meet the standard, and the freezing of coolant will affect the normal operation of the cooling system of the whole vehicle. Therefore, car owners must pay attention to replacement in summer and winter, especially when the seasons change. Here we recommend 7CF® auto-antifreeze (-15°C~-50°C), which uses OAT technology to provide maintenance-free antifreeze, anti-boil, and anti-corrosion protection through seal conditioners.

3. Use car anti-mist spray to clean car glass

Car owners should check the wiper blades when they are used for half a year to a year. For glass water, you can use some water in summer, but still, use frozen glass water in winter to prevent the wiper blades from freezing in the snow. 7CF® anti mist spray for cars forms an invisible protective film that effectively protects windshields, mirrors, and glass from the mist. Auto anti-mist sprays are specifically designed to eliminate internal condensation, vapors, and fogging easily caused by wet weather, high humidity, and frequent temperature changes.

4. Check the tire pressure and clean it with a car tyre polish spray

After the tires are exposed to the sun all summer, the overall efficiency will be somewhat affected, especially when the temperature is high in summer, the tire pressure will rise due to the high temperature. Under normal circumstances, the tire pressure will decrease slightly when adjusting the tire pressure. If the temperature gets colder in the fall, the tire pressure is likely to be too low. The harm of low tire pressure is not only to the tire itself but also directly affects driving safety. Therefore, the tire pressure should be adjusted in time when the season changes. So what can I use to wash my car at home? How to clean tires? As one of the car polish manufacturers,  7CF car tyre polish spray can easily clean, polish, and protect your tires. Thick, reactive tire buffing foam adheres quickly to tires and provides UV, crack, and ageing protection.

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