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How to Use Acrylic Spray Paint

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Spray Paint

Advantages of acrylic spray paint

  • High weathering resistance: acrylic spray paint has excellent weathering resistance, strong anti-UV performance of paint film, no shedding.

  • Decorative performance: coating color variety, good gloss, beautiful workpiece after painting, and enhance the overall texture.

  • Protective performance: acrylic spray paint is water and oil resistant, and has a good protective effect on the painted object.

  • Easy construction: with no need for adding curing agent, more convenient construction.

  • Rapid drying: the paint film dries quickly after the solvent evaporates.

  • Multiple matching: acrylic spray paint can be painted with epoxy paint.

Disadvantages of acrylic spray paint

Acrylic spray paint has general anticorrosive properties and is only used in inland atmospheric environments with low requirements for decorative effects and the need for light retention, color retention and rustproof painting.

Is Acrylic Paint Good for Cars

Acrylic paint can be used for all kinds of traffic vehicles, engineering machinery, advanced instruments and equipment and other objects requiring high-grade decoration on the surface, especially suitable for outdoor use. Acrylic aerosol spray paint is easy to use for those people who have no experience of painting a car. Besides, it is not expensive and is easy to apply. You can get an excellent high gloss on your car. When the acrylic paint is dry, it will form a hard shell for a longer time.


Acrylic Spray Paint Uses

Surface treatment: the painted surface should be clean, greaseless, and dust-free, and should be free of acid, alkali or moisture condensation.

In the process of using acrylic spray paint, it is necessary to keep the condition dry and clean. No contact with water, acid, alkali, etc.

In the period of construction and drying, the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%.

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