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How to Clean Car Tyres at Home?

The dirtiest place in a car is the tires. Every day when we drive on the road, a lot of dust will accumulate on the tires, so how to wash tires at home and make car tires like new?

1. Preparation for cleaning car tires

How to clean your tires? Before washing the tires, prepare a brush with a long handle so that you can wash them deeply. When washing the front wheels, if you can turn the steering wheel left and right, it will be easier to wash all the places. If the tires are not too dirty, you don't need to spend money on a special cleaner, just wash them with a general cleaner. For tire cleaning, here's a recommendation for 7CF Car Tire Polishing Foam: use it to easily clean, polish and protect your tires. After using it, the thick, active car tire polishing spray adheres quickly to your tires, forming a new protective film on the surface that provides UV, cracking and aging protection, thus extending the service life of your tires.

2. The method of cleaning tires

After know the preparation of cleaning tires, then how to clean your tires? It is not enough to just use a brush to wash tires, because the brush cannot be used in the chrome-plated mirror-treated rims, which will leave very obvious scars.

The general principle is to use a sponge when washing large parts, and use a brush when cleaning small places. For example, both sides of the tire can be brushed with a brush. As for some inconspicuous places, such as the lower side of the fuel tank, exhaust pipe, etc., because they are not obvious and easy to be ignored, you can use detergent with a brush to brush hard when cleaning. The exhaust pipe can be cleaned with a sponge, so there is no need to use a brush. For the appearance of the car, as long as this part (tires and below the knee part) clean, even if there are some small stains on other parts of the car, in fact, the whole car still looks bright and shiny. On the contrary, it is not good. So do not think that this part is not important. In fact, this part is the focus of the whole car cleaning.

The tools for cleaning tires, wheels and rims should not be mixed with tools for washing other parts. Because this part is very dirty, there is a good chance that some dust or small sand and other things will remain on the tools. Consequently, if you use the tool with dirtiness to wash other parts of the car, it may cause harm to the car body. If you have to use the tools together, you should at least do the proper treatment before proceeding, otherwise the body scratches will not be worth it.

The above introduction on how to clean your tires is very practical. We can compare the tires of a car to the shoes of a person, if the shoes are clean and tidy, it will leave a better impression on others, and so do the tires of a car. We need to give the car's tires a regular "bath" to keep them clean and beautiful.


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