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What's The Difference Between Brake Cleaner And Carb Cleaner

carburetor cleaner vs brake cleaner

Brake cleaner can quickly clean oil stains and brake pad dust on brake discs and brake hubs, keep brake discs with good heat dissipation, eliminate brake noise, promote uniform braking, and prevent the generation of asbestos powder, which is a good helper for car brake disc care and maintenance.

Carburetor cleaner is a cleaning agent mainly used for cleaning amorphous type carbon and graphite type carbon on various workpieces, carburetors and engines, and also for cleaning amorphous type carbon and graphite type carbon on various catalysts.

The effect and function of brake cleaner

1. Brake cleaner for carburetor can remove dirt, oil, grease, and grime, to enhance the braking effect and make brakes more effective.

2. 7cf carburetor cleaning spray can significantly reduce the sound during braking.

3. Extend the service life of the brake system.

The effect and function of carburetor cleaner

1. Cleaning: effectively clean the throttle, engine parts on the surface of the sludge and other dirt.

2. Carbon eliminating: effectively remove the gum, carbon on the throttle, air intake, exhaust gas recirculation system.

3. Energy-saving: improve starting performance, enhance acceleration, solve unstable idle speed, reduce emissions.


How to use brake cleaner & Carburetor cleaner

First observe which form of braking system the vehicle uses, then remove the wheels. Observe the rust phenomenon around the brake disc and wheel hub, remove the brake pump, brake disc, brake caliper, and clean the surface of the brake disc and the surrounding area. Then clean the brake pads, the inside of the brake caliper, the inside of the brake distributor pump. Finally install the recovery, after the tires are installed, test the brake system is working properly.

Before cleaning, it is very important for car owners to check the brake pads (disc) or brake shoes (drum), and brake fluid. This is because they are the core part of the entire brake system.

How to use carburetor cleaner

Clean the throttle: remove the engine trim cover. Then remove the throttle and clean it with carburetor cleaner. Dry it with cotton cloth and install it.

Clean the carbon inside the engine: open the oil cap. Pour the whole can of cleaner into it (mix it with the old oil), then cover the oil cap, and turn on the engine and idle for 10 minutes. Turn off the engine.

Clean the oil circuit carbon: before refueling, check the instruction manual for the amount of cleaner to be added, and add the cleaner to the oil tank. Cleaning the oil circuit carbon includes cleaning the fuel injector, combustion chamber, spark plug, throttle valve and other parts. The purpose is to solve the problems caused by carbon, gum and dirt in the oil system, such as lack of horsepower, fuel consumption and poor acceleration or difficult starting. Get more information about carburetor cleaner uses.

As we all know, a car has tens of thousands of parts. Each part plays its role and has a certain service life, among which the car braking system is the core component to ensure the safety of the car. The carburetor is to ensure that the car's engine will do its best work under different operating conditions. As the time flies and the increase of driving distance, regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to extend the life of the car and bring safer driving.


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