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How To Maintain The Coating For Automotive Chassis Parts By Using Aerosol Paint

The car needs "three parts repair, seven parts maintenance", to actively check and maintain, find and exclude some initial, potential, hidden failures, in order to maintain the car in a more permanent good condition. Especially before and after long-distance travel is the need for a thorough inspection and maintenance, in order to ensure the safety of subsequent travel.

The impact of long-distance travel on car chassis parts

We all know that before the trip should do a good job of car inspection and maintenance preparations to avoid certain conditions of the vehicle when traveling, affecting the journey arrangements and playful mood. In fact, after a long trip, we also need to take care of the vehicle again, especially the location of the chassis parts also need to pay extra attention.

On the way to self-drive, if you have been in the mountains or muddy roads and other complex road conditions, mud and other dirt will inevitably be attached to the chassis, long-term non-cleaning susceptible to rust and corrosion of the chassis. Putting aside these, if the car works for a long time, itself will have a great impact on the chassis. So after returning from vacation, many car owners will also choose to go to the garage, 4s store again for chassis cleanup. In the cleanup at the same time, the garage should also check in detail whether each part of the chassis is solid, whether the coating is complete.

When necessary, the protective plate under the engine should be removed, and the appearance of the chassis parts coating, steering structure, ball head, shock absorber, and other parts should be carefully checked for wear or other problems. Once the car chassis parts have loose screws, worn parts, broken coating, etc., they need to be replaced and repaired in time.

Automotive chassis parts refurbishment and repair

The coating plays a certain protective role for the chassis parts of the car. When the coating is applied to the chassis parts by spraying or dipping, the protective coating formed after drying can effectively block the direct contact between the chassis parts and various corrosion threats in the environment, thus enhancing the service life of the chassis parts.

Automotive chassis parts coating requirements

Automotive chassis parts are located in the lower part of the vehicle position, close to the ground, easy to be eroded by sludge, often subject to the direct infringement of weather such as wind and rain, and travel in high temperature and high humidity environment, so the requirements for salt spray resistance are high, generally between 480h-960h, depending on the different needs of different customers. There are fluctuations up and down. In addition, the brake system and other locations in the chassis parts have high standards and high requirements for adhesion, impact resistance, stone impact resistance and water resistance.


When do I need to repair the coating on the chassis parts of my car?

A broken coating on a car's chassis should not be ignored. Ignoring it for a long time can easily lead to problems such as rust and corrosion, which can have a huge impact on the safety of the car's driving system. Therefore, it is important to check the car after a long drive and carry out maintenance in time.

Choose the maintenance and repair program according to the actual situation: in the case of the loss and scope of the car chassis parts, they should be replaced according to the actual situation; when the car chassis parts are cut and scraped, or the local coating is broken, or the bottom is exposed, etc., the way of repairing the coating can be used to renovate and repair.

In the repair mode: considering the convenience of construction, 7cf aerosol spray paint can do the effect of open cover that is sprayed, self-drying, no baking, etc.

In the anti-corrosion performance: the degree of corrosion resistance of the paint film coating is closely related to the salt spray resistance. 7cf self spray paint series, water resistance, salt spray resistance are excellent, after spraying on the surface of the items. It can form a tough protective film on the surface of the substrate, which can prevent the erosion of the external corrosion factors on the substrate. It has a very good anti-corrosion effect, which can effectively extend the service life of the metal.

In the adhesion requirements: for the automotive chassis parts for adhesion requirements, spray painting adhesion using QFZ type paint film adhesion tester, that is, dial the pressure rod to make contact with the steel needle and the paint film, depict the spiral pattern on the coating, test the paint film within the level 1. 7CF product adhesion level 1, no peeling, no breakage of the paint film, and adhesion is very excellent.


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