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How Do I Get A Smooth Finish With Spray Paint?

Spray paint, also known as aerosol paint, is a kind of paint filled by high pressure treatment, which is easy to spray. It is usually consists of aerosol cans, aerosol valve, contents and throwing agent. In the past, it was mainly made of paint, but now according to market demands some manufacturers could produce environmentally friendly water paint. If you want to get a smooth finish with spray paint, here are some suggestions in need.

What are the causes of defects in the spray paint finish

Before spraying on the metal materials, the coating should be cleaned and without contaminants such as oil or grease. Because the contaminants on the metal surface can affect the adhesion between the metal substrate and the coating, which could result in a significant reduction in adhesion.

Besides, degreasing is a common step in the spray process, in which the metal parts are usually cleaned with cleaners in an immersion batch or spray.


Prevention Measures of Using Spray Paint

Grease treatment before painting

Some workers in the use of spray paint, often with simple cleaning, or wipe with a rag, or even directly using spray paint, which is actually incorrect. It is easy to cause the painting to fall off. The correct way is to use cleaners, with careful cleaning, not only to clean off the dust. The worker should mainly clean off the grease, including motor oil, sweat, etc. These grease is the biggest enemy of the spray paint.

Polishing before painting

The purpose is to deal with substances that are not easily dissolved in water and cleaning agents, such as oxides. Meanwhile, polishing can also increase the surface area of the object being sprayed and improve the adhesion of the acrylic aerosol spray paint.

How to use the spray paint

Shake the bottle repeatedly before spraying paint in order to fully stir the paint inside. Keep a distance of about 20cm. Too close distance is easy to bubble and pile up. However, too far area is too big to cause waste. The worker should pay attention to wind speed. Wind level 2 (including 2) or more is not suitable for the use of spray paint. Pay attention to dust control, dust and small insects often bring troubles. Get more information about aerosol paint manufacturers.

If you are not satisfied after painting, you can polish (with sandpaper and use lubrication) and then paint again, which can be repeated several times until the effect is satisfactory.

No matter what kind of coating method is used, pre-treatment is required before formal coating to eliminate all kinds of oil (such as lubricating oil, emulsion, grease, sweat stains, etc.) and dust on the surface of the object to be coated, in order to prevent the surface defects of the coating from causing the workpiece to fail to achieve the expected coating effect.


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