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How Can I Polish My Car?

Many car owners cherish their new car when they buy a new car. They will stick film or wax on the surface of the car paint, hoping that the car paint will be as clean as new, so what should I use to polish my car?

Ⅰ. How can I polish my car?

Waxing your car regularly can protect the car paint from contamination and rust and keep your car looking as good as new.

Waxing and curing can remove the stubborn stains of the car paint, and form a protective film through development and change, which has a good removal effect on the oxide film of the car paint, and can repair a little crack in the car paint. At the same time, it can avoid the corrosion of ultraviolet rays, acids, alkalis and other substances, delay the aging of the paint, and prolong the service life of the paint. As the driving environment and parking location are different, the waxing time and distance should be different. Most cars that have a garage and are often driven on better roads are waxed every 4 months; if they are frequently parked in an open parking lot, then the normal 2 to 3 months are applied.

Ⅱ. The steps to make the car shiny

1. Wash the car, rinse the car, and it is best to use a special car wash to clean it thoroughly.

2. Wipe dry. After the car is rinsed, use a car wipe to dry the car thoroughly. It is not easy to wax the paint surface with water, and then drive the car to a cool place to prepare for waxing.

3. For waxing, dip the car wax on the round sponge specially used for car polish wax, and apply it evenly on the surface of the car paint, without the need to apply too thick, just a thin layer. In the process of smearing, you can evenly draw circles on the body with a sponge, so that the car wax has a fish scale effect on the paint surface.

4. After drying and application, wait for 5-10 minutes to fully dry the car wax. Meanwhile, cover the lid with the remaining car wax for the next time.

5. Polishing, use a microfiber towel on the paint surface to polish the paint surface like a leather shoe, that is, wipe off the excess car wax, until the car is as bright as new, and the whole waxing process is over.

It should be noted that the body should avoid water after waxing. Rain or car washing will make the wax lose its effect, so avoid wind and rain after waxing.

Ⅲ. How to choose car polishing wax?

1. Soft car wax

Water-based paste, including abrasive ingredients, with good decontamination effect. 7cf car soft car wax is made of high-purity natural carnauba wax and special polymer resin material, and also equipped with special repair and cleaning polishing wax, which can repair and clean the minor damage and serious stains on the body surface. After using soft car wax, a crystal-like glossy film can be formed on the surface of the car body to protect it for a long time.

2. Diamond hard wax

Diamond hard wax is a kind of high-grade beauty wax. It has the noble quality of diamonds. It contains the essence of carnauba wax extracted from the most advanced No. 1 wax in carnauba wax. After use, it can form a hard, smooth and elegant protective film unique to palm wax, with the unique fragrance of Brazilian tropical plants. After using the lacquer, it will produce crystal effect, super high brightness, silky feel, special ability to repel water and dust, not afraid of sun exposure, anti-washing, and can be retained for a long time, suitable for luxury cars of various colors.

3. Crystal wax

Crystal wax is synthesized from a variety of polymers and does not contain paraffin, matched with a unique formula of durable resin, which can make the paint surface form a long-lasting protective film, enhancing its surface thoroughness, with advantages of decontamination, waterproof, acid rain corrosion resistance, antistatic. It can remove pores, tar, sap, oxides, dirt, etc. on the surface of the car body, prolong the polishing life, and avoid wrinkles, scratches, oxidation, peeling and yellowing of the car paint.

4. Color back wax

Color back wax is available in white, red, yellow, green, blue, black and gray, developed for the brightening effect of different colors of car paint, which has the effect of cultivating color, and can modify the color difference or fading caused by local touch-up paint. It cleans, polishes and protects to reduce or disappear scratches, integrating with the original color of the original paint, making the old paint look brand new.

All in all, car waxing protects the paint, makes your car shiny, adds aesthetics, and also removes some of the grime that has adhered to the paint. After buying a car, car owners must regularly protect the car paint, wax the car in time, and maintain the luster of the car paint.

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