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What Is In Tar And Bug Remover

Many car owners worry that most of the current highway is asphalt pavement.

In summer there will also cause a lot of trouble. On the ground, the temperature rises sharply, which will result in some asphalt road melting. When cars driving on these roads, melting asphalt is easy to splash on the car. The melting asphalt has been stuck hardened, and can not be cleaned with water. Many car owners are distressed that how to remove the asphalt on the car, and if tar cleaner will damage the car paint?

The more common location of tar adhesion is the lower part of the body, as well as wheel rims, wheel arches, and other locations. In more serious cases, it can have a grainy feeling when touched directly by hand. It is more obvious in light-colored paint, but not easy to notice in dark-colored paint. Tar will slowly penetrate the paint surface over a long period of time, making it difficult to repair. 

If the paint surface has daily proper care and is waxed frequently, the tar will be difficult to adhere to or will be easily removed. Driving on newly constructed roads or in hot weather, tar staining is inevitable, so we recommend choosing the right protection and cleaning routine to avoid tar damage to the paint.

As for severe tar contamination, we recommend a highly effective and economical method, such as spraying tar cleaner onto a microfiber towel or microfiber waxing pad and using the tool to gently wipe back and forth to remove the tar quickly, without losing a lot of auto bug and tar remover.


Does tar and bug remover damage paint?

The damage of tar cleaner to car paint is negligible and will not cause serious damage to car paint. It can be used on any cleanable surface and can remove heavy dirt powerfully. It also can be used to clean the body of the car.

The main components of tar cleaner

The main chemical composition of tar cleaner is Aliphatic Petroleum Distillates, Kerosene, Butane, Isopropanol, Propane, Silicone oil (mixture).

Usage of tar cleaner

Tar Cleaner can be used in homes, cars, shipyards, etc. to effectively remove grease, surface dirt, road grime, and the most difficult grease to remove around houses. Tar cleaner not only cleans asphalt and tar, but also removes sticky substances such as sticker stickers.


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