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What Are The Steps To Spray Paint

Car painting mainly includes 7 steps: cleaning, sanding, leveling, protection, painting and trimming.

Three basic steps of car painting

1. The first primer spray paint

For painting work, the preparation is very important. If you can be clear of operation details and defects, you can be more efficient in the latter step of spraying work. Therefore, you also need the first primer spray paint, which can better fill the sand trace microporous at the bottom of workpiece, increase the adhesion of the lower layer of paint, and at the same time can also be more clearly indicate the existence of some defects. You can get products from car spray paint suppliers.

2. Intermediate coating primer spraying

Intermediate coating is a very important part of the coating. In order to better protect the quality and stability of the top coating, it is necessary to do well in the intermediate coating primer spraying. Therefore, in the operation, prepare a smooth and complete work surface, appropriate to increase the adhesion of the access layer to ensure the quality of the top coat.

3. Surface paint spraying

The spraying of the surface paint is usually divided into single-layer spraying and multi-layer spraying. Single-layer paint is usually called plain paint, to determine the color and play a protective role. Multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl paintIn the operation, the operator needs to layered spray paint. Multi-layer paint often has better stability, and the appearance is more comfortable, suitable for some colorful decorative paint. It should be noted that the top coating part of the relatively high quality requirements for spraying, so when spraying must be done once for all, so that you can often achieve better spraying results.


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