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What is the Car Starting Fluid?

Many car owners usually use various fluids for their cars in order to make their cars run more smoothly. Among them, the car starter fluid is the most used. What are the effects of car starter fluid on the car? What is the car starter fluid?

1. Introduction of the car starter fluid

Car starter fluid is a kind of car auxiliary product that contains compressed liquid and can help the car start in harsh environments. Its main function is to make the car start smoothly in a low-temperature state. Be careful not to abuse when using the car starter fluid, although it can help start the engine. However, if the car starter fluid is used blindly, it will cover up the fault, leading to the deterioration of the fault and even a serious accident. The second is not to rely too much on it. Under certain circumstances, the car starter fluid will help the engine start. However, don't rely on it too much, because it will cause accidents such as burning and failure of the engine for a long time. As one of the leading spray paint manufacturers and car care wholesale suppliers, 

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2. How to use the car starter fluid correctly?

(1) Before each use of the car starter fluid, the engine should be properly preheated with hot water or by other methods to increase the temperature at start-up. If it is a truck, it is also necessary to turn the engine crankshaft several times, so that the oil reaches the friction surface first.

(2) Do not directly inject the car starting fluid. Although the engine can also be started in this way, the temperature of the engine components is too low and the viscosity of the oil is too high due to the cold start-up. If the driver is eager to start the engine in this case, it is easy to cause poor lubrication and aggravate the wear and tear of the parts.

(3) While driving the engine with the starter, spray 2 to 3ml of car starter fluid into the intake pipe or air filter. The amount should not be too large. Especially the excessive amount of starter fluid cannot be directly injected into the combustion chamber, so as not to cause deflagration and detonation, which will cause greater damage to the engine.

When using the car starter fluid, pay attention to the following points: The car starter fluid is sprayed into the cylinder to help start the engine when it is difficult to start in winter. If it is difficult to start at room temperature, it means that the engine or electric starting device has failed. At this time, do not blindly use the car starter fluid.

3. Where is the car starter fluid sprayed?

It is necessary to spray the car starter fluid into the intake pipe of the vehicle. When spraying, the air filter element of the vehicle needs to be disassembled. And then it is sprayed to help start the motor vehicle. The main function of the car starter fluid is to help smoothly start the motor vehicle under low-temperature conditions. It belongs to vehicle auxiliary products.


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