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The Advantages Of Using Spray Paint To Refurbish And Change The Color Of Wheels

As for the most serious location of the car friction, it is the tires. So for safety, we need to replace the tires every once in a while. The wheels, which are as badly worn as the tires, will be ignored by many people. Because of the hard material of the wheel, many people take it for granted that they do not need to pay attention to it. But ignore the fact that when the wheels are severely damaged, they will be corroded and lose paint, which will affect the appearance and even the internal weight-bearing properties of the wheels.

The wheel hub is one of the main parts of the car. In the process of  stabilizing the balance of vehicle operation and reducing the pressure of the car itself, it also faces the threat of various impacts and corrosion in the driving environment. Effective anti-corrosion protection not only provides a beautiful appearance, but also brings a long service life.

To sum up, we have to check the wheels in time. After finding the wheels scratches, rust, paint loss, repair in time! Absolutely, if you feel that silver and white car wheels are not outstanding enough, you can also use spray paint to change the color of the wheels.

What are the advantages of using spray paint for wheel refurbishment and color change?

Custom spray paint is thin and uniform, which does not hang easily, and it dries faster at room temperature with suitable humidity. So it is easier to dry than brushing. Because the paint film is thin, you can spray more layers, so as to ensure that the effect of the paint film sprayed on the wheel is full. There will be no gaps and brush marks. And those holes on the wheels are hard to cover with a brush, but with spray paint you can cover them.

Chinese spray paint is also very easy to use. Just shake and then spray on the surface of the object to form a better film, which can give the object quality protection effect. The speed of spray painting is also faster than painting, which can be half the time of painting. Most importantly, spray paint will be easier for newcomers to master, basically just a few more times to master the spray.

As a leading spray paint company, 7cf spray paint, with strong adhesion, good coverage, not easy to fall off the paint, rich and bright colors, excellent decorative effect, and has a good protection function. It is suitable for the renovation of various items in daily life to change the color, simple and convenient.


How to change the color of your wheels with spray paint

Grease treatment before painting

Some people may think that using spray paint, only need to simply clean, or wipe with a rag, or even directly spray paint. In fact, such methods are not correct. The wheels which are in "close contact" with the ground, if the direct spray paint, it will be the wheel on the dust and other impurities directly, covering the paint film inside, which will lead to the paint film is not strong and other issues.

The correct way is to use cleaning agents, with careful cleaning. Not only to clean off the dust, but mainly to clean off the grease, including oil, gravel, etc. It must be careful to clean, and sand if necessary.

Sanding or polishing should be done before painting

Sanding is to better deal with substances that are not easily dissolved in water and cleaning agents, such as oxides, and also to increase the surface area of the painted object and improve the adhesion ability of the spray paint. After sanding, the second cleaning should be done to clean up the ash produced by sanding, so that we can start our painting work.

After doing a good job of protection and masking, you can officially carry out the color change renovation.

Use spray paint for refurbishment and color change

Shake the spray paint can before spraying so that the contents can be fully stirred.

When spraying paint, you should use your index finger to press down the nozzle to spray in a steady back-and-forth motion. Maintain a distance of 15-20 cm, too close to the distance is easy to bubble and pile up, too far away from the area is too large to cause waste. Pay attention to the wind speed, too much wind is not suitable for the use of spray paint.

In the case of outdoor spray painting operations, also pay attention to dust control, because dust and small insects are often attracted to the spraying process.

Pay attention to temperature and humidity, to prevent exposure to the sun or to wet low temperatures too dry. Each time a thin layer, wait 15 minutes after the previous layer to reach the touch dry and then spray, repeated several times.

After use, invert the spray several times, and then put it in a cool place for safekeeping.

If you are not satisfied with the wholesale spray paint, you can use sandpaper sanding and spray paint again, you can repeat several times until the effect is satisfactory, you can buy self spray paint, you can prepare more, in case you repeatedly spray too many times, resulting in insufficient use.


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