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How to Clean Wood Furniture?

Why do you need to maintain solid wood furniture? Some say it's for cleanliness, others say it's for beauty, or to improve the service life of solid wood furniture. In fact, all of these statements are correct. The furniture shiner spray for maintenance can make your solid wood furniture renewed for a long time, and make our living environment neat and healthy, killing two birds with one stone.

1. Why do we need to use furniture shiner spray to maintain our wooden furniture?

Designed for home and commercial use, 7CF® furniture shiner spray can remove dirt, clean and polish a variety of surfaces, leaving a long-lasting bright, dust-free and shiny surface. Furniture shiner spray removes fingerprints, grease and stains in one easy step. 7CF® Furniture Shiner Spray is suitable for all finishes, sealed surfaces and can also be used on furniture, wood, plastic, rubber, marble, porcelain, leather and more. The following are a few reasons to use furniture shiner spray to maintain wooden furniture.

Protect the surface of wooden furniture: The surface of wooden furniture is easily worn and scratched. Using furniture shiner spray can form a protective film on the surface to prevent wear and tear.

Increase the luster of wooden furniture: Wooden furniture will gradually lose its luster after a long period of use. Using furniture shiner spray can restore the luster of the furniture and make it look as good as new.

Prevent fading of wooden furniture: If wooden furniture is exposed to sunlight for a long time, their color will gradually fade. Using a furniture shiner spray can prevent wooden furniture from fading and keep them in their original color.

Extend the service life of wooden furniture: Using furniture shiner spray can protect wooden furniture and prevent them from damage, thus extending their service life.

2. How to maintain wooden furniture?

(1) Clear the dust on wooden furniture

The surface of the furniture should always be wiped with a soft cotton cloth in the direction of the wood grain to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture, or with a soft cloth with some cleaning agent. It is best not to use a dry cloth, which is easy to scratch the surface of the furniture. The specific method: every once in a while, dust all corners of the furniture with a damp cotton cloth that has been wrung out and then wipe all the furniture once, and finally wipe the furniture over with a clean dry cotton cloth.

(2) Use furniture shiner spray

Before using furniture shiner spray, make sure the surface of the furniture is clean.

Shake the furniture shiner spray well: Open the cap of the furniture shiner spray bottle and shake the bottle gently to make sure the liquid is well mixed.

Apply furniture shiner spray: Use a soft cloth or sponge to dab an appropriate amount of furniture shiner spray and apply it to the surface of the furniture. Be careful to avoid applying too much, otherwise a sticky surface will form.

Wipe in the right direction: Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the furniture shiner spray evenly over the surface of the furniture, taking care to wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood. This will prevent scratches from appearing on the surface of the furniture and will also make the surface smoother.

Polishing the furniture surface: If desired, you can use a clean, soft cloth to polish the surface of the furniture after applying the furniture shiner spray. This will make the surface of the furniture smoother and will also add luster.


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