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Introduction to Hefei Shengri Solar Power Generation Project

Hefei Shengri Solar Power Co., Ltd., established in November 2014, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Yongsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is located in Baihu Town, Lujiang County, Hefei City. It is mainly engaged in the design, investment and operation of solar photovoltaic power stations and has 8 employees.

The company's 20MW photovoltaic project at the Meishan Village Fish Farm in Baihu Town was launched in November 2014. The construction of this project occupies 650 acres of water surface in the Meishan Village fishery. The Meishan Village 20MW fishery-solar complementary grid-connected photovoltaic power station consists of 15 independent 1.26MW sub-unit systems. The completion of the project will not only meet the growing demand for electricity in the area where the power station is built, but also the remaining power can be sent to the Lujiang regional power grid. The most important economic and social benefit of the project is the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, which is equivalent to an average annual saving of 6,655 tons of standard coal. , reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 27,953 tons and sulfur dioxide emissions by approximately 259 tons.

The 20MW photovoltaic power generation project in Meishan Village Fish Farm was connected to the grid in January 2017, with a total investment of approximately 177 million. As of September 30, 2018, the cumulative total power generation was: 31.6 million kWh.

Meishan Village project pictures:



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