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Introduction to Huizhou Zhongzhizheng New Energy Project

Huizhou Zhongzhizheng New Energy Co., Ltd., established on March 28, 2014, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Yongsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is located in Nandi Garden, Qiugu, Daya Bay West District, Huizhou City. It is mainly engaged in new energy and solar photovoltaic products, LED products, devices, energy-saving assessment, energy-saving renovation design, research and development, and sales of energy-saving products and energy-saving software. It has 8 employees.

The company's Huizhou Zhongzhizheng New Energy 20MW solar power generation demonstration project is located in BYD Industrial Park in Huizhou City. The project mainly integrates the roof and walls with photovoltaic power generation, so that the building itself uses green and environmentally friendly solar resources to produce electricity. Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) embodies innovative architectural design concepts and high-tech content. It not only opens up It has created a new world for the application of photovoltaic technology in the construction field, and promoted the industrial development of photovoltaic technology and its large-scale application in cities. Therefore, it has a very broad market prospect, with a total investment of approximately 180 million yuan.

The Huizhou Zhongzhizheng New Energy 20MW solar power generation demonstration project was connected to the grid in 2016. As of September 2018, the cumulative total power generation was: 20,068,640 kWh.

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