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Introduction to Hefei Yongju Solar Power Development Project

Hefei Yongju Solar Power Development Co., Ltd. was established on October 10, 2014. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Yongsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is located on the first floor of a public rental building in the government compound of Baihu Town, Lujiang County, Hefei City. It is mainly engaged in the development and investment of photovoltaic new energy; the operation and management of photovoltaic new energy power stations; and the investment and management of the agricultural industry. It has 8 employees.

The company's Hefei Yongju Solar 20MW photovoltaic project is located in Shengliwei District, Baihu Community, Lujiang County. The construction of this phase of the project occupies 900 acres of lotus root ponds in the breeding base of Shengliwei District. Shengliwei District 20MW fishery and photovoltaic complementary

The grid-connected photovoltaic power plant consists of 20 independent 1MW sub-unit systems. The photovoltaic power generation system is combined with breeding to form a whole, which does not occupy additional land resources, can generate electricity and use electricity in situ, and can save investment in power stations and power grids within a certain distance. Most of the power generation time is at the peak of electricity consumption, which can greatly alleviate the pressure on power supply and have significant economic and environmental benefits. The total investment is approximately 180 million yuan.

Hefei Yongju Solar's 20MW photovoltaic power generation project was connected to the grid in 2015. As of September 2018, the cumulative total power generation was: 76.97869 million kWh.

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